Monday, August 15, 2011

Unusual Recycling Ideas

Woww world is going fast. I was busy in finding some routine relevant topics for my office work to write about and here is what i have found. I think Pakistan should also support or at least take initiatives for recycling the waste materials. Europe is even composting the household waste, and we the Pakistanis are still practicing the habits of throwing our house hold waste openly in streets.

Read some interesting recycling ideas below:

Amazing Computer Parts Sandals

Steven Rodrig is always flooded with unique ideas and creates amazing products which leave all of the viewers/fans in a fit of dumbstruck. He works with PCBs and invents unique items by using unusual item of old computer parts. Now, he has surprised all of us by these unique sandals made from computer worn-out parts.
Image Source: Etsy

 These data sandals are embellished with PC mother boards, ribbon wire and many of other electronic components. Some time back he created a Read more at GreenTech


waste transfer stations said...

All over the globe, the most common way people use to get rid of their garbage is to burn them or to bury them. Neither of this two is good. Other alternatives could include the one shown above - the use of creativity and ingenious ideas or recycling.

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