Friday, September 21, 2012

Ishqe Rasool: Government, Media or the People of Pakistan?

Burning banks, killing own country men, destroying public property, blood-shed, riots and robberies. Is this the way to show love to Holy Prophet P.B.U.H?

Government of Pakistan declared 21st sepetmber,2012 Friday a day of expression of love to Holy Prophet S.A.W, that should have been welcomed by the people of Pakistan. We should have observed it peacefully to cast a positive image of Pakistan to the other world. Unfortunately we are the people driven by emotions or most probably some hidden henious facts. Is this ishqe rasool that totally nutter masses gather at a place burn tyres, put buildings, cars and petrol pumps on fire and rob the shops and malls? Isn't it insane to punish our ownselves on a crime which we cant even think to commit?

I agree that the blasphemous film has infuriated us. The producers and everyone involved in its making should be punished exempolary, but look who is at loss today? The one who made the film must be laughing, lying back in his couch by seeing these religious bigots!!

We should have got our protests recorded in a peaceful way. All the rallies organised, the seminars and the live programes at media would have been enough to do this job, but we the genius people of Pakistan love Holy Prophet S.A.W more than the sahaba karams, it seems. Do we even know what were the teachings of Holy Prophet P.b.U.H about? He was sent as a mercy to the entire world. Unfortunately, being extreme sentimental we are destroying our own identity. This day instead of promoting relegious peace, harmony and love-has promoted loathe, anger and furiosness. We will be called Violent, intolerants and extremists at global levels.

Who is responsible for today's deteriorating social and political condition?

Though its only in Pakistan that a day devoted to the Love of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W has been observed at official level, I think that government is equally responsible in the blood shed along with  media. People are insane, illeterate and emotional that drives them crazy. However , it is surprising that government and media both, plan the policies and form strategies by keeping their brains aside. In the race of capturing more and more furious pictures and clips from the mad stampede media channels try to overtake each other. The situation would have been quite peaceful if there had been no violent attacks shown on media. Broadcasting and telecasting such events/tragic incidents only flare up fellow beings to ignite more flames!

On the other side, PPP government that is trying to be so innocent since morning is actually very cunning. There would be no angry mobs if President Zardari had taken only one decision of sending the embassador back to America. He could have sent him back for few days till the disaster in the country settles. We know we are the slaves of America and Zardari cannot live without the fund he gets from America. If government really wanted to show protest it could have banned NATO supply.

In my opinion all of the three, the people of Pakistan, the govrnment and the media are responsible for these wretched killings.

Very welldone, This is what we are. We have sent a negative message to the entire world. We are Muslim Fundamentalist. All religions including hinduism and christianity detest the content of the film then whom we are angry at? Instead of killings, we should have demanded a better way out. We should have demanded to send the ambassador back! Why the 2 billions Muslims couldnt get a bill passed against blasphemors yet?

 If this is jihad then why not join together to fight against the non-believers who support this blasphemy idea? Why should we kill our own people?? Why....?


Tabassum Khot said...

A great post when things are looked at a distant but as a resident of Karachi, I will speak about the chaos created here by the protestants. Well! as a keen observer, I came to know that the cinemas and banks were not burnt by the participants in the rally as these incidents occurred when the rally had moved further ahead from that places. All I can say was a third party involved in such activities who were not interested in neither "namoos-e-risalat" nor "tauheen amaiz film". all they wanted was to use the situation for their benefit and blame others for it and I believe, they are quite successful in it.

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