Sunday, March 10, 2013

OoTD- Fusion of Coffee & Red with Tilla & Pearls

Hello everyone,

I have been away from blogging for a very long time and not to mention I missed this place alot. My job is keeping my busy as SEO is a full time job. I though keep checking updates from some of my favorite bloggers like Sara Hassan's, NayabLoves, Shang J, Feminine Crusade, Intensify beauty blog, Sadeestyle and few others, I couldn't leave my feedback due to my busy schedule.

Today I have managed to come up with an OotD post. 

The dress is made of crinkle chiffon with tilla embroidery. I designed it myself by getting an inspiration from a designer's dress.

I used tilla embroidery and tilla piping with white pearls and diamonties for the embellishment. Patch of Rose Red shamoze silk has been used with the diamontie lace in the frock's flare.

I paired it with choori pajama and high copper heels I bought from "The Shoppe" Lahore. I will try to review the heels soon if you want me to :)

This dress cost me Rs5000/- from designing to stitching including embroidery :)

Please leave your feedback, as it will definitely make my day ^_^


Shy Cheeeks said...

Gorgeous dress! <3

nayabloves said...

Thank you for the mention :) means alot :) im just like you always taking inspiration from designer dresses and puttimg my own touch on them! Loved the color combination on this one.

Shehrzad Dastaan said...

did u design it urself?very creative.Amazing color selection.Looking good :)

Sadee Butt said...

Omg! what a beautiful embroidery. Love the tilla work looks really elegant i can believe you gt it in 5000 rupees. i want it in offwhite color. I might steal your design :) well happy to see you back missed you hun

ReeBz said...

Shehrzad- yeah designed it myself except the tilla embroidery- got it somewhere from facebook

ReeBz said...

Oh I would be glad if you steal my design Sadee- go for it and then get an OoTD done for us;)

sahar awan said...

this is a classy dress

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