Friday, October 19, 2012

Spa Ceylon's Pain Relief Therapy

How much do you give importance to "Soothe" in your life? All of us, at some turns of life feel hectic, terribly tired with our nerves tauten and muscles stretched. This, prevent us from using our best skills and abilities even after putting-in all our efforts and energies. Therefore, one must not neglect  mental health. Mental and physical health go side by side. Spa Ceylon, with their ayurvedic treatments is serving the people, helping them feel relaxed and peaceful.

I have previously reviewed some very great products of the brand, and today I am here to review yet another wonderful item from their stock. It is "Comfort Pain Reliever Balm" and "Vatha Pain Reliever Herbal Compress".

Comfort Pain Reliever Balm

I must say this balm is excellent. Much better than traditional pain reliever balms like moove or iodex. It  has a very buttery consistency that appears semi-solid in the bottle but will melt as soon as you touch it and apply on your body/affected area. It has very strong mint smell that immediately lift-up the senses. Applying it provides instant comfort and relaxation from worldly thoughts. It lays a very soothing effect and quickly reduces muscular pains, joint aches and sprain.

It contains paraffin free pure essential oils. I do not recommend to use it serious medical conditions, however it is  quite effective for minor body aches and sprains. I got a steel rod fallen on my foot from the height of almost 5ft. I immediately applied the balm and kept it in use till 3 days twice a day. It lessen the pain in first few uses and totally vanished the third day.

Vatha Pain Reliever Compress
 It is a heat activated herbal compress. It soothes, calm and relaxes both mind and body. It is best for therapy and cures muscular stiffness. My mom has backbone disc problem and she often feels pain in her back muscles.

It should either be heated in steam for 10-15 minutes or in a micro-wave. After checking the temperature, start herbal therapy with the suitable pain relief balm. I used it with Comfort pain relief balm on her. The compress invigorates the senses and soul, and the patient will fall asleep most probably.

Both of the products are available for $10 at

The compress may be used upto 10 treatments, and should be refrigerated between uses.

End of the Line
Over all both of the products are just amazing. It should be in your first-aid box :)


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now this is something new .thanx for sharing.will try it for my back.

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