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Blue Jewel- Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Review

Stones have some very dominant effects on one's life, myth or a fact? Today I am here with a review on gem stone which is known as "stone of heaven" and "blue gold". This stone is Lapis Lazuli which is known for its positive energies of love, truth and confidence for the wearer. 

Blue Jewel-Home of Genuine Blue Lapiz Products
Blue Jewel is an on line store of Islamabad, Pakistan that offers a great variety of jewellery made by lapiz lazuli gemstone. You may browse through their collection of cuff-links,bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. 

Locket of Love and Truth

I was sponsored with locket of love and truth by the store. It is rectangularly shaped, hand-polished, very smooth in touch, shiny and deep blue with golden pyrites. Lapiz Lazuli is always in blue, though shades may vary with either white or golden touch. The pendant i got, seems more like an amulet, but can be worn as a jewellery item if studded.

Effects of Lapis Lazuli

  • It is believed that lapis lazuli when worn as a locket,  helps wearer in making strong decisions and brings victory closer. 
  • In ancient times Lapis was known as the love of kings and queens. King Solomon, Cleopatra and Dr. Allama Iqbal would wear and use lapis in different forms. Cleopatra would use its powdered form as an eye-shadow.
  • It is the gemstone of love, courage and truthfulness. It makes wearer confident, so it may be used as an healing agent for those who are too shy to face public due to lack of confidence.
  • It is known for its anti-depression and anti-stress qualities.
  • It keeps danger away and repel magic and evil eyes.
  • It improves and cures medical conditions of eye and throat. It also cures blood-pressure.
  • It is the birthstone of September and December
Packaging and Specs

  • Hand polished and shiny
  • Comes with a nylon-thread cord (black)
  • Very adorable classy jewel box to keep your gemstone safe when not wearing.
  • The gem box has red-velvet covering with a glass top.
  • Available for Rs 1,900/-
History related to the gemstone

Courtesy: GreekJewelryShop
I am fond of tracing the origin of the different things specially when they have a history attached. It is said that lapis lazuli was among the first gemstone that was carved and used in jewellery. It is found in Egypt, Chile, Russia and USA and in Pakistan but the best quality comes from Afghanistan. It is believed that the more blue the stone is, the more worth it possess. Egyptians would admire this stone as precious amulets. Worldwide lapis lazuli jewellery is widely common. It make very fine rings, bracelets and earrings. People love to keep the stone in many different shapes and styles as an alternative to jewellery and may be as an amulet due to its healing powers. 

End of the Line
Lapis jewellery may serve as the best gift for your loved one, and the packaging you are to get on your purchase at Blue Jewel speaks for itself. You can also look for Lapis and silver jewellery at Blue Jewel, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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I reallyy like the bracelet. xx

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So royal!! nice review xoxo

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