Monday, November 21, 2011

She Antiperspirant Deo Roll-On Review

Most of us stay in search of a good and light deodorant in an affordable range. She Roll on anti perspirant deodorant is worth buying if you sweat light to moderate.It is light, white milky solution with sweet fragrance to stay with you all the day long.

She is an emerging company dealing in body sprays, deodorants etc. She has a range of deodorants in colorful pretty capsule bottles. Applying she roll-on deodorant once is enough if you donot have vigorous work routine. Since they come is user friendly size you can carry it in your traveling bag or cosmetic purse.The rolling ball is free and move pretty well. Moreover it will last till a month if you use it once or twice daily. Therefore no worries and get yours today! =)

I am in love with SHE deodorants and they are a must- buy for everyone. A sweet fragrance will keep you fresh and feel confident infront your colleagues. Best part of this deodorant is its drying qualities. Just apply it on clean and dry skin, specifically under your arms. Frequent uses can also make your skin soft and smooth because of its humidifying effects as company claims.

Quantity: It comes in a 40ml capsule bottle
Price: Price can slightly vary. I bought it from Makro for Rs 145/-

  1. Light and milky
  2. Lovely fragrance
  3. 12-15 hours effective (depend on your body mechanism)
  4. Affordable for everyone.
  • Packaging and capsule-bottle may be a turnoff. They really could have come up with a pretty bottle!


Scott said...

Is it internationally available?

smarty said...

nice review. I lub it :)

hina said...

my all time fav =)

filpaki said...

well reviewed!

ReeBz said...


I think so. check out in stores :)

ReeBz said...

thats good to know :)

ReeBz said...

Thanks for coming

ReeBz said...

Filpaki thank you so much for your sweet words :)

chief gabril said...

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natural deodorant said...

Wow wonderful..
I really love it.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me where can I buy She: roll-on in NSW?? Or in Australia at all??

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