Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Hope" is the only hope left....

I have always heard that  "Man makes his life himself", A wise man never blames the elements like "Luck and fortune" on his failures,and in case of "success" it is only his strength and power.But, i disagree, if it was the case no one would be a failure, no one would curse on his sufferings and the world would be much a better place than it is now,and above all, there would be no importance of " HOPE" at all.
I believe for many people "hope" works as the beam of light in the days of grim.It encourages them to live the remaining days of life with peace of  heart and mind,and make us wait for the shadow-of-happiness peacefully.

Last night i was wondering the same, and few stanzas  jumbled in my mind.I've given those stanzas a proper final form.This time i have taken care for the poem's rhythm and have repeated the first two lines after every eight lines.It was a bit difficult but anyway here it is:

"Hope" is the only hope left,
 For me it is the only wealth,
 When nothing is there,
 Still hope survives,
 Among all the sorrows,
 It gives us joys,
 Feeling isolated and,
 Feeling all alone,
 No one to pat and,
 No one to console
 "Hope" is the only hope left,
  For me it is the only wealth.
 The bright sunny days,
 And the dark cloudy nights,
 A pillow to hug me,
 And a friend to wipe eyes.
 Everything has limits,
 So does the hope too,
 A morning is  there,
 After every scary night
"Hope" is the only hope left
 For me it is the only wealth
 We are growing old, and
 The eyes losing sight,
 O God,Stop it,
 Please hear my cries!
 A dull weak heart, and
 The shaking raised hands
 Praises to God,
 To let the fears end...
 "Hope" is the only hope left
 For me it is the only wealth..

P.S : Please suggest me how to make it more proper, and if any mistakes guide me to correct them.


Castle said...

Its pretty beautiful.. =]
Really Touched me.. =)
And it feels so nice to read a piece from you.. =)

ReeBz said...

@ Castle thank you so much for linking it :)
Comments really mean alot to me :)

Komal Khan said...

Really nice ReeBz :) MaashAllah you have got multiple talents.

Thinking said...

hmm...once you choose hope, anything's possible...even poetry...

I am not a poetess so cant help you on what lack in your poetry.

From my is perfect.

Dear life has given so much we must gift....and the best gift to anyone is HOPE.

I am sure your poetry on HOPE can give birth to hope in anyone's heart.

Nice post...thanks for sharing...Areeba...hmm.

ReeBz said...

Komal and Thinking thanks for the comments and appreciation =)

Thinking, yeah personally i feel that hope can help you cope-up with any situation.. we just need to build our faith more strong!

Adeela said...

Very loVelYy Poem!
touhinGgg!! <3

filpaki said...

I agree Wd Thinking.
nice poem.

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear ReeBz,

YES, you did it --turned a true sorrow into the other side. I'm so glad I didn't miss this. Funny how this very day, what with being at the Aafia trial, I've been considering the same in the worst scenario any of this can turn such sadness into hope.

I see that Shafique Sahib is doing so with the Garden of Poets -- have you seen that yet? Although it's complicated like writing a poem of this nature you've just rewards by the time spent.

Soon I want to share with you some more hope...but will be tied up for a few will you remind me by email about the little Rumi book and also look up my family profile on facebook?

Although I oft forget, I came to be a writer FIRST through writing poetry as a young child.

Keep up this talent. It's so satisfying.

ReeBz said...

How pleasant to see your comment full of appreciation!Really i was waiting for your comment since the day i posted it here.

What is garden of poets? i have no idea.. [sorry]

and about family profile at face book, umm sorry couldn't get, how m i supposed to find it there?

Best of luck for whatever you are doing.

Thanks alot for dropping in here =)

Hasaan Rafique said...

It's a really nice poem Areeba :)
It's really very touching, and it's great from poetic point of view as well, nice choice of rhyming words :)
Good work :)

ReeBz said...

Thank you Hasaan:)

smarty said...

very nice g. ab pata chala dt day y all cried by reading ur poem..

Bushra said...

very nice and touching.
i felt as if someone is pressing mt heart in fists dear,so much truely touching it is.impressive

ReeBz said...

Smarty and Bushra
Thanks for the comments!

hina said...

Mashalalh! how touching lovely n butiiful!

Alam said...

"Hope" is the only hope left,
For me it is the only wealth.
The bright sunny days,
And the dark cloudy nights,
A pillow to hug me,
And a friend to wipe eyes.
Everything has limits,
So does the hope too,
A morning is there,
After every scary night

In love with these lines. Awesome.

ReeBz said...

Alam, thanks.

Rehan Qayoom said...

Desire still lives on, though duped by love. The dense smog of memories blurs out all else. Yet, there remains hope - Indestructible (unless one’s minded to sin). When fate causes suffering through debilitation then indestructible hope becomes useless. After all fate’s perhaps more powerful, in fact I think that it is big time.

ReeBz said...

Rehan Qayyoum:
Its true how beautifully you have explained it even more.Impressive.
Thanks for passing by!

hina said...

So heart felt :)

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